Wholistic Truth In Economics: How The Theory of Marginal Rising Costs Can Be Untrue For The Firm and Yet Costs Still Systemically and Inherently Rise

Because economists are unaware of cost accounting as a discipline, do not understand the conventions of cost accounting or their economic effects, do not understand that depreciation allowances for businesses is not a forgiveness of costs, merely a stay of execution of them, do not consider the dynamic flow of total cost accounting datums in ratio to total individual labor costs (a subset of total costs, present in each continuing moment of the economy, and not by the way an argument for the labor theory of value), and so fail to see that in order for the economy to be able to attain (but not maintain) equilibrium a gift of income/money is the necessary, only and best way to do so…and an abundant gift of income and also an abundant reduction of prices…is the way to maintain that equilibrium. 


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