The Cosmic Code: The Three Levels/Definitions of Bothness

Bothness-Duality (Existence of Opposing Intellectual Truths-Humility)

Bothness-Andness-Intellectual Thirdness (Integration-Trinitarian Nature of Wisdom)

Bothness-Unity-Oneness-Simultaneity (simultaneity of both intellectual truth and self knowledge/self actualization, also simultaneous knowledge of all three levels of realities and consequent ability to recognize separateness between them [differentiation], see their reflectivities [sameness] and personally experience that as a unity, a oneness and a trinity/continuum)

Intellectual openness, i.e humility enables the very process of Wisdom, i.e. integration of truths and deletion of untruths, and with contemplation, the separation between abstraction and true self knowledge becomes transparent and hence enables a true experiential freedom of choice.

The third definition of Bothness above is the signature aspect of Grace


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