Conflict: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Liberals generally unconsciously wallow in and/or glorify conflict. Conservatives generally despise it because it threatens their dominant position economically or politically. The alt-right brandish it as a confusion tactic for their power consolidating agenda, and the truly wise are able to see the particles of truth and untruth in every side and integrate the truths in such a way that a genuine thirdness is created that not only resolves the conflict into a unity, but ethically evolves the matter at hand as well.

Modern man knows only becomingness, reform and palliation of power and problems. Wisdom knows beingness within becomingness and hence is able to perceive resolving essence within the duality of conflict, able to maintain focus, clarity and vision and so advocate for transformation of conflict into meaningful, actual progress that brings lies, trickery and dominating power to its knees before the superior ethics of love and grace.

The only way for tough mindedness, which is an intellectual virtue, to keep from degenerating into angry and egotistical contentiousness is to have an even greater ethic of love and love in action in the midst of one’s life and living, i.e grace/graciousness…as one’s intention and purpose.


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