Response To A Poster on The Social Credit List

GM:  I’m finished with these Group discussions. When people deny saying what they said, it’s a bit pointless to engage with them. A wise man told me today that, “If a journey is going nowhere, there’s no need for you to be on it.” Social Credit has gone nowhere for 100 years. Discussions in this group, nowhere but in circles.  I’m sure it would be futile for me to present evidence to show why your “analysis” of Gadhafi is Jejune.  If experience is any indicator, the stronger the evidence, the greater the likelihood that you or someone else will deny tomorrow what you wrote and sent today, or claim that it really means, not what the words actually say, but instead something that Major Douglas said a hundred years ago about Alberta or Scotland someplace completely irrelevant to Libya. For me to expect any different in this Group would be the triumph of hope over experience. I’m betting on experience. Happy New Year of the Fire Rooster!

Me:  Adios. Your opaque mind (lets light neither in nor out) is the one needing wisdom. I don’t necessarily agree with every opinion expressed here, but an economic philosophy and policies based on and aligned with the pinnacle wisdom concept of grace, wisdom being the best integration of the practical and the ideal, not convention or the irrelevance of a mere transcendentalism ….is light enough for me to affirm and advocate for it.  You couldn’t manage that  because your entire stay here consisted of refusals and inabilities to look and perceive….amongst other intellectual flaws.


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