Philosophy Underlies, Interpenetrates and Guides Any Discipline or Body Of Knowledge

A new economic philosophy fulfills all of these requirements, and a call for a new economic philosophy has been called for by numerous economists recognizing that the current one seems to be inadequate given historic instability and the current lingering economic downturn despite orthodox efforts to reverse it. It is my observation that the current economic philosophy is insufficiently deep, broad and reflective of the whole of the one thing most necessary for any body of knowledge to serve, namely the individual human being. A new economic philosophy must serve the individual first, last and always, and also bring increased stability and free flowingness to the economic system as well. This bothness requirement is met only via concepts and actions that themselves represent a combining of bothnesses/dualities, and that’s why the new economic philosophy is based on integration which is the very process of wisdom itself and the pinnacle concept of wisdom which is actually a thirdness that is more whole, more unified and more utilitarian and workable in that it combines only truths, only workabilities and the highest ethical considerations of the opposing theories it combines. If integration is wisdom and the pinnacle concept of wisdom is grace/graciousness then the concepts upon which a new economic philosophy must be based are wisdom and grace.

Thus let us have a Wisdomics-Gracenomics. Then we will have a truly integratively wise and gracefully flowing economy that will serve Humanity instead of requiring Humanity to serve it.  


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