Integration is Wisdom, Wisdom is full happiness and the more fully integrated one is the happier they are in every way and in every moment.

I see people in various stages and degrees of integration of their experiences in Life, and it breaks my heart to see them settle for chronic/habitual levels of negative emotional reaction instead of the joys of enthusiasm and focused loving action. I want to plead with them to work on themselves and overcome any particulars that are holding them back from their true heritage of full intellectual enlightenment, emotional joy and fluidity and spiritual love and gracious flow through Life.  This is my wish for them. Overcome. Keep on overcoming. The result will be an ascension. There will be levels attained along the way, its always an upward path toward increasing strength and ability, even if it appears you’re stuck or even momentarily at a lower point on the climb. Tie your self improvement to a purpose that also improves the lives of others and you’ll have both a fuller life and a structure to support your own process of personal integration. Please work to discover joy, your joy, love, your love and Grace, your love in action.


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