The Matrix Is Here….And It’s Love

The entire physical universe actually is the matrix, we simply have to become completely conscious of that fact. Everything radiates. Everything you can see radiates on an electro-magnetic level. Everything. Remember when I said you should read and get completely clear in your mind the definitions at the start of this book? One of the reasons I wrote that was because love is the most strengthening experience in the cosmos and so understanding love will make you strong. One of the definitions of love was “a state of attraction for and toward”, and as radiation/radiating is a movement outward and toward….that means that the entire cosmos is actually, not just play pretend, continually in an act of love….and your reaching out to experience it is an act of love too!!!  These are physical, electro-magnetic, definitional, psychological and potentially emotional facts….if you will only choose to look at them and try to understand. I’m completely serious. The Cosmic Code is an integration of science and the pinnacle concept and experience of Grace which is love in action….and what I just told you is an integration of both scientific and spiritual facts. No BS here. I love science, always have, and I’ve always loved truth, beauty and love as well. And this insight is real and incredibly powerful if you simply embrace it and let it be your reality too. Feel bad? Get the idea that everything around you is radiating love toward you….because that’s exactly what its doing. Then realize that you reaching out toward the physical universe with your attention, your consciousness…is itself an act of love. Every time you think love, love becomes more real to you. If you contemplated the loving radiation of the cosmos toward you and your loving act of consciously reaching out toward it for a lengthening period of time each day for a month or so I guarantee you your problems will begin to get real thin, real flimsy. And if you kept contemplating that scientific and spiritual fact for 6 months or a year and maybe practiced smiling at other people more and maybe talking to them in a friendlier way than you used to….every problem you ever had will just kind of disintegrate right before your eyes. No kidding. And if you wanted to be a little more scientific and combined the above contemplative technique with you flowing love toward a particular situation, emotion, attitude,  or person you have problems with and that will probably hasten the process even more. Just use one or both of those methods, but emphasize experiencing and building love with both. That’s the secret because from the definitions consciousness is “what enables love” and “love is what creates and builds consciousness so they are inextricably integrated with each other. In other words consciousness of the world and yourself co-radiating and flowing love builds both consciousness and love. It’s sometimes a little too simple and profound for the intellect to countenance, but just start and don’t stop creating love and you’ll become much more conscious as well. Because with love and love in action/grace you never lose the ability to recognize and differentiate facts  or lose any ability worth your time, in fact you become more discerning than you’ve ever been….so now you learn wisdom not just facts.

The matrix is love, and the more conscious you become of that the more lovingly conscious you in fact become.  Look closely at the matrix/physical universe….and you can become Neo too.


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