The Real Reason Universal Dividend and Retail Discount Policies Are Correct and Necessary In Economics

Because science is awakening to the integrated/integrative nature of the cosmos and of science itself, and economic and monetary theory are almost entirely fragmented, involved in monopoly, ego and power at the expense of the freedom of the individual, of enterprise and the free flowingness of the entire system. In other words economics must integrate with philosophy and spirituality in order to evolve from its current egotistically fractious, intellectually invalidated orthodox state and most of all its largely ethically unconscious and compromised relationship with the dominating monopoly powers of the business model of finance. In order to have workable and free flowing modern economies and to avoid war in an era of intelligent and devastating weapons universal dividend and retail discount policies are the integrative and resolving policies for economics and as a beginning logical process…..for every problem above.
A philosophy of Wisdom itself is in fact necessary for modern man, and a new philosophy of Wisdom’s pinnacle concept grace as in gifting for economics.

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