The Cycle Of The Temporal/Physical Universe IS And Must Be a Trinity-Unity-Oneness, Precisely Like The Quantum Universe

The cycle of the temporal/physical universe is a process of Start, Change and Stop. Everything in that universe will follow that tripartite process. Individual consciousness practices the process of reaching out to experience the temporal universe (or its own universe), experiencing it and then withdrawing from it. Both of these are tripartite processes and both reflect the realities of the quantum universe, the latter being virtually the same as the reality of the quantum universe. Now this process is simultaneously a unitary whole in every moment as well. On the quantum level this is an utterly integrated/integrative-ongoing tripartite reality of creation, counter creation and un-creation which is actually a continuously creative/creating process. In the physical universe this is experienced as a moment and as the flow of moments experienced, focusedly and consciously to one  degree and at one level or another. The point is all three of these states are real and actual and simultaneously one, in other words an ongoing Trinity-Unity-Oneness….Process.


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