Mere Dualism: The Folly and Curse of Negative Spirituality/Religiosity

Getting hung up in mere dualism is the modern and historical curse. Mere dualism has become such a religion in science and has been such a religion in spirituality for so long that you’d think we’d get tired of it. Ah, but we love problems, apparently much more than we do solutions. Why is that? Well, a solution is a stop, and a problem persists so its continuousness….of a problem. We don’t like stopping. We don’t actually like continuous problems either. So why not try the Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process of Start, Change and Stop, actually the process of Starting, Changing and Stopping. Or:

[ (Starting x Stopping)  <–>  Changing ] = Process


[ (Starting  + Changing)  + Stopping ] = Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process-Action

Everything is Trinity-Unity-Oneness. The mere Duality of  Consciousness versus missing-dismissing-invalidating Consciousness is a kind of negative Spirituality/Religiosity that degenerates into religion on both sides. Integrate the truths in the two thoroughly and embrace the resulting Trinity-Unity-Oneness.



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