False Trinity-Unity-Onenesses Which Never Actually Reach/Obey Their Designation Or Degenerate Into Mere Duality

Dialectical Materialism

[ (Thesis x Antithesis)    Synthesis ]  Leaves out consciousness/spirituality thus degenerating back into mere Duality of conflict theory.  (Note: Trinity-Unity-Oneness in the economic sphere of course is wisdom thus the model is correct, but the true synthesis of capitalism and socialism is not hierarchical and tyrannical communism but rather the gracious and directly distributive policies of a universal dividend and a retail discount that enable and encourage profit, abundant economic freedom and monetary democracy and hence systemic free flowingness.)

Balance of Power/Geo-political Financial/Economic foreign policy

[ (Force x Counter Force)  Balance of Power ]  Ignores historical realities/temporal instability of war resulting from continual threat of force/contention

[ (Finance capitalism x State socialism)    Conflict, Non-integrative strategies ]  Reverts to mere Duality/Dualism, Trinity-Unity-Oneness never actually comes to reality.


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