Grace/Consciousness: The Experience

The experience of Grace/consciousness itself, its full power, depth of understanding and breadth of perception cannot be underestimated. The experience itself does not guarantee continuing enlightenment, but generally places one inexorably on the road toward it. There are many things, many ideas, emotions, attitudes that must be integrated after one gets on that road as well as education regarding Grace/consciousness and its many aspects. There are general descriptions of Grace/consciousness, its intense experience of the moment, the newness and utter vibrancy of experience of present time perceptions as if one was experiencing them for the very first time, the three dimensional almost palpable experience of space and the equally palpable experience of the solidity of objects at a distance. Other more mental aspects of Grace/consciousness become more real as one studies and contemplates them, how they are integrated into one’s experience, and a purification of flawed thinking, personal biases, out ethics situations, and various non-integrative thinking one has accumulated from life and living, their culture and upbringing. All of these aspects are important, but the three most important are understanding that wisdom is the process of the integration of the truths etc. of opposites, that love is the very state of the cosmos and that Grace is love in action internally and externally.


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