The more you integrate the more you approach Grace. Integrate everything. Integrate the economy and money systems. Integrate all of your opinions, all of your problems, all experiences you have, every perception, thought, emotion and action you create. Integration is the process of Wisdom itself and will make you wise. Grace is the pinnacle concept and experience of Wisdom and will make you gracious and our systems graceful and flowing.  Grace is love in action and acting continually with grace/graciousness is love expressed in every mental and temporal action. Love is the real point of life and living and Grace is the means of attaining and maintaining love internally and externally.

We must learn integration. What it is, what are its rules and actual component parts, that it is mental and temporal acting with love, that it is wisdom and hence not some “airy fairy” naivete, but the best and complete integration of the ideal, the practical and the ethical.

Obsessive/unconscious contention is folly, the third way of integrating the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and best ethical considerations of the opposing sides of any argument, any theory, and any condition is wisdom….and wisdom must become our intention, our actions and our goals….in everything…until everything about us is a discerning thirdness which is also a loving and unified oneness!


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