The World’s Wisdom Traditions: Expressions of the Three Primary Aspects of Grace/Consciousness Itself

Hinduism – God/Consciousness is in everything including you.

zen Buddhism – God/Consciousness is the experience of complete emptiness and can become awareness that one’s conscious experience of everything can be a continually unitary experience.

Note: The image of the matching/opposed tears with the opposite color spots in each is actually a Trinity-Unity-Oneness…as the circle within which they exist represents the third unitary state of their integration-oneness

Judaism – God is the unitary “Father” aspect of Consciousness.

Christianity – God/Consciousness is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness (Father, Son and Holy Spirit/God in Heaven, God on earth and God acting in Time/the temporal universe) also known as the state of Grace which is love in action.

Even though each civilization was dynamic and advanced as its expression of God/Consciousness was vibrant, the action/active/temporal universe element/expression of Grace is probably the primary reason the West became and remained  more technologically advanced and also why it stresses God’s work in history/the temporal universe.

The historic irony is that the dynamism of Western economies and civilization is in danger because the cost accounting factor of total costs exceeding total individual incomes recognized by Douglas and resulting from the build up of technological innovation/capital appreciation has so long gone on unbalanced.  And now the increasing labor cost reduction of artificial intelligence exacerbates that fundamental imbalance, along with the refusal of the dominant business model of Finance to integrate monetary grace as in direct individual gifting in the forms of a universal dividend and compensated retail discounts to enterprise, has created an un-resolvable situation that will only result in social tension and likely war.

Thus the integration of the traditionally spiritual concept of Grace into Mankind’s temporal economic and monetary affairs is the most pressingly urgent matter confronting us.

Note: the  physical/temporal universe process of Start, Change and Stop is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness reflection of Christianity’s Trinity concept. The Stop part of it is the Wisdom recognition by Douglas of where to apply monetary and economic grace to the end of the economic/productive process, i.e. the compensated retail discount. It is also the recognition that monetary grace as in gifting, i.e. the dividend,  being both cost free and completely fungible and exchangeable throughout the entire process of the economic system is a complementary solution to its inherently cost inflationary nature.

Finally, a complementary extension of Douglas’s recognition that “balancing the books” of an economy was to fail to balance it systemically is mirrored by my Wisdomics/Gracenomics contemplation of the primary aspect of Grace as abundance and hence the advocacy of a proactively abundant dividend and discount which will continually increase individual economic freedom and continually decrease enterprise’s reliance on Finance thus continually creating “a higher and increasingly freeing disequilibrium” of more purchasing power than costs/prices. People have control over their savings, not necessarily so over their debt and certainly not over a cost inflationary system. To merely match the dividend and discount to some easily gameable and/or deceivingly small statistical analysis is a non-recognition of Douglas’s own observation regarding “balancing the books”, and is to invite continued cost inflation, a reactionary response by financial and political forces and then even the supposed “invalidation” of Social Credit.

A proactively abundant dividend and discount extends the cost accounting truth of Social Credit to reflectively include, intellectually integrate and resolve the temporal truths/laws of gravity and thermo-dynamics.  It also integrates the dual nature of Time into Social Credit theory.

For instance and per the law of gravity, the trajectory of a rocket/satellite that fails to achieve and maintain escape velocity/orbit/free flowingness is a continual sine curve and thus reflects 1) the continuation of an unstable business cycle, 2) Douglas’s “balancing of the books” observation that a mere and deceptive statistical equilibrium will not free the economy.

A proactively abundant dividend and discount and the additionally abundant speed required to achieve the graceful state of orbit and so the ability to escape the continuing entrapment of the business cycle/financial dominance and thus continued/continual systemic instability….are 1) all reflective of each other, 2) are PHYSICALLY AND TEMPORALLY relevant and 3) also fit perfectly within The Cosmic Code.

Likewise a continuously and proactively abundant dividend and discount reflects the reality of the increasing randomness of energy of the second law of thermo-dynamics and economically resolves and reverses the breakdown costs/depreciation of the economy in the temporal universe.

Time is both a moment and a flow of moments. A mere statistical equilibrium will leave us continually enslaved to the latter fact, and also scarcity as a result. It will also leave us vulnerable to conscious counter intention to the flowing/free-flowing freedom and abundance of the concept of Grace and to Grace itself.

The unitary/oneness/completing/finishing/flowing-free flowing aspect of the Trinity that is Grace/Consciousness needs to be understood and honored.



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