The Quantum Universe: The Primary Reality of Wisdom and Grace/Consciousness, and Utter Integration/Integrating

It is also the reality described and expressed by The Cosmic Code. The cosmos is continual integrating, utter integration and the continual result of that utter integration/integrating. All realities are real, but primary reality is the most powerful….and the most instructive.

In the quantum universe particles are continually coming into being and going out of existence. This is perfectly analogous to the operation of human consciousness.

You/your consciousness  reaches out to experience something in the temporal/physical universe and then withdraws from that experience and reaches out to some other experience whether in your own universe or the temporal/physical one. This process is generally unconscious and hence missed, but it does occur that way, is continuous and again perfectly reflects the reality of knowingness/existence, unknowingness/unexistence continually occurring in the quantum universe.


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