The Lack of Wisdom of The Orthodox Financial Viewpoint and The “Leaders” Who Espouse It

Financial austerity/lack of monetary boldness cloaks itself in goodness and rationality. Unfortunately it is merely the extension of short sighted and shallow orthodoxy. Yes, we have less employment than is optimum, but do policy makers think we will have more and sufficient employment if the current financial paradigm of austerity continues to be enforced? And is employment or positive purpose the deeper and more essential solution to Life’s problems. Can we grow our way out of our lingering financial crisis if in the next 10-15 years innovation and artificial intelligence combine to eliminate 40-50% of the current total employment, or is a new paradigm of universal monetary gifting combined with a concerted and integrative effort by government, the clergy and the helping professions to make people more aware of the multitude of positive purposes available to them in addition to employment….not the wiser and more complete solution?

Our leaders need to access Wisdom instead of unconsciously repeating tiresome old orthodoxies that obscure and prevent integrative and constructive solutions.


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