Posted To Steve Keen’s youtube Channel 10/18/2016

It’s curious that you revile and ban me on your Debtwatch site despite my compliments regarding your iconoclasm, and agreements with virtually all of your conclusions about DSGE/neo-liberal economics. Maybe you should reflect a little and consider that perhaps your reaction to me is more about an annoyed unwillingness to move from an entirely contentious iconoclastic mindset toward a mindset aligned with your own thinking but which emphasizes more integrative policy solutions….policies which if one actually looked at their direct economic effects and monetary validity would free both the individual and the system. Wisdom is an integration of both the iconoclastic and holistic viewpoints. Habituation to iconoclasm and the modern tendency to be both suspicious of religion and ignorant of its actual value, i.e. Wisdom, makes it altogether possible that energetic advocacy be mistaken for obsession. So be it. I actually don’t want this to be overly perceived as a scold. You ARE in my mind the most astute economist on the planet. Good luck in your endeavors.


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