Re-Post of A 2015 Post (needs editing and clarifying, but hits most of the concepts)

Integrated Duality Within Trinity Which Is Unity: A Theory of Everything, and Its Economic and Monetary Application To Balance the Current Monopoly of Debt Falsely Parading Itself as a Unitary Economic and Monetary Paradigm

Formula For Theory of Everything: Integrated Duality Within Trinity Which is Unity     [(Integrated Duality) Trinity = Unity]

Current “mindset” of the monetary system:

[(Monopoly Paradigm of Debt Enjoyed By Private Finance) = Domination and Manipulation by a False Unity]

This financial monopoly also violates the dualistic economic paradigm of  competition.

The correct formula should be:

[(Private Banking X Public Banking) = Unity]

The Public Banking concept is thus elevated from merely a structurally competitive economic force to a central bank operating truly in the interests of the individual by compiling statistics to determine the correct amounts of money dispensed for a universal dividend and a retail discount and so being the agent for a balancing monetary paradigm and policy of Gifting

Finance has so obviously been the problematic business model since forever, and is so asymmetrically powerful today because of its unbalanced monopoly paradigm of Debt. You fight an idea, a paradigm effectively only with an idea/paradigm of equal (or greater) strength, and you balance a financial monopoly by implementing a structurally competitive agent in the economy like Public Banking and also as a central bank that operates in the actual interests of the individual and the other traditional business models by issuing a universal dividend and a retail discount to consumers. It’s time to “hit the streets” en masse and end the failed experiment with homo economicus enforced by the paradigm of Debt, and live up to our actual species designation, homo sapiens, wise and discerning man. Wisdom is the integrative process, Grace as in mental balance, equilibrium, flow and Gifting/forgiving is the pinnacle concept of Wisdom and synonymous with the goals of economic theory and policy . Integrating the above grace reflecting policies into modern technologically advanced economies aligns the economic and monetary systems with who and what we are and fits seamlessly within profit making systems. Paradigmatic and elite Power will bend to the right idea and policies…and the overwhelming numbers of an indignant and focused populace. Project Grace and Public Banking…and idea and movement whose time has come.

One of the great advantages and uses of the Duality Within Trinity Which is Unity formula is it reveals/exposes monopolistic thinking and the problem of intellectual mereness and fragmentation. Hence thinking along the lines of “Capitalism is the ONLY economic theory worth considering”, “Private finance is the ONLY way to create and disburse/distribute money” and “Government is ALWAYS tyrannical” are seen as the arrogant, exclusionary, fallacious and irrationally generalized statements…that they actually are.

The rules of the formula of the necessity of an integration of a genuine Duality, and the equal necessity that only the true aspects of the subject the formula is applied to and also the emphasis on the humanly sensitive/individual effects of the opposing/reflecting/balancing points of view of the Duality keeps the thinking intellectually open, honest, inclusionary, expansive, rational and most importantly ethical.


The “Trinity which is Unity” aspect of the formula of course is the guarantor of both a holistic point of view and the validation that all legitimate realities be considered. The concept of Trinity is not only a valid philosophical consideration it can be an experiential reality as well.


Implement Grace. Grace Is Everything, Including You.

Implement grace. Implement it by aligning and defining policy with that most pregnant and integrative concept.

If you want economic justice and stability implement grace as in monetary gifting to break up the current monopoly paradigm of Debt as in burden to repay ONLY that Finance wields to dominate, because grace is not only abundance it is the universality of abundance…and yet grace is also dynamic balance as in prudence which is a cardinal virtue personally and economically.

How can a concept be one thing and its opposite? Because grace IS the best most workable and most ethically considered integration OF OPPOSITES…even the opposites of the mental and the temporal universe. Grace and its benefits are inherent in everything…and its opposite. Grace is the cosmic/all inclusive code…of which you are an integral part.

Grace: The Concept Behind Every Paradigm Change

Grace. The concept behind the phenomenon known as paradigm change. Why do I say this? Because grace is dynamic integration of apparent opposites-duality as in unity/synthesis/trinity-thirdness greater oneness, transformation as in inversion of both temporal and personal reality, freedom/freeness as in gifting and liberation, increased consciousnesss as in ascension from mere egoistic pursuit and ethical purification as in the imbuing of self or a temporal universe system with loving actions/policies.

All of these aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace can be historically identified in past paradigm changes and all take place in the policy program of the paradigm change in finance, the economy and the money system in my book Wisdomics-Gracenomics.

Rebuttals To “The 50% Discount/Rebate At Retail Sale Will Cause Over Consumption”

Doubling demand does not ipso facto mean a doubling of consumption, use food and underwear example

Required Investment of gifted money policy

Policy program of Wisdomics-Gracenomics will enable the off and under planeting of much of production

Mining of the moon and asteriods

Freedom, security and gratitude foment rationality and cooperation…reforms are never up to such beneficial effects

True paradigm changes enable and force adaptation of the new concept, reforms are always undermined and morphed back into a form of the old paradigm by its dominant actors

Without the macro-economic ending of inflation and the other enablements of the new paradigm you’ll never get a true “revolt of the bourgeosie” and an actual thirdness greater oneness integration of capitalism and socialism

There are paradigm changes and then there are mega-paradigm changes like the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm which are true turning points in the evolution of the species

Imagination and visualization are the primary tools of Wisdom/Paradigmatic-Conceptual analysis the set of which includes the reductive nature of scientific analysis

Grace is the pinnacle concept/experience of Wisdom, the concept behind every historical paradigm change, the actual cosmic reality and the highest potential human personal reality, thus its temporal universe application and the self actualization of its various aspects will enable its major aspect of dynamic balance, sought by both economic theorists and sought after by the world’s major Wisdom traditions, to become reality.

Wisdom isn’t Wisdom unless it is both temporal universe application and personal self actualization

Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Podcast 05/22/2023

What I would like to know is why didn’t you come up with the policy of a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale considering that you bemoan the fact that economists can get their PhD in economics without even taking a basic course in accounting, and been aware of the fact that the banks create money with equal accounting debits and credits.

Maybe its because you also are still too acculturated to the present paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money, namely Debt as in the Burden to Repay Only. Or maybe its because you’re a little too caught up in abstraction to look directly at the economic process to realize that retail sale being perhaps the single universally participated in/experienced point of that process that a 50% reduction in price there would
1) slay inflation by implementing beneficial price and asset deflation,
2) double both everyone’s purchasing power and greatly increase demand for every enterprise’s goods and services and
3) break up the private banks’ monopoly paradigm that has been the reality no matter whether it was the Palace or the Banks that wielded it….since the beginning of human civilization…
4) all in one fell swoop.

Posted To Rodger Malcolm Mitchell’s Blog 05/19/2023

Yes, the Chat AI is partly right, partly wrong, partly misinformed…and also misses the deepest two reasons inflation occurs:

1) the present monetary paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money is the MONOPOLY paradigm of Debt Only which means that it does not allow us to create money as a reciprocal gift of price to consumers at retail sale all of which would be reciprocally monetarily gifted back to the merchant granting the discount. My 50% Discount/Rebate policy would make gas here in Phoenix only cost $2.50 (and alot less elsewhere) ….for EVERYBODY, hence it would macro-economically not only end inflation it would (mindblowingly for orthodox economic theory) implement BENEFICIAL price and asset DEFLATION.

2) present free market theory is not only a fetishized thing it is also a misnomer because what we really have is alternately goosed and strangled dominating financial CHAOS. A chaos that Finance is virtually always responsible for and yet is able to rise like a Phoenix out of its increasingly occuring crises because it has the power to create the life’s blood of every individual and commercial agent, and we can’t seem to visualize the new paradigm, its re-orienting policies and cognite on the concept behind even the new paradigm concept itself (the natural philosophical concept of grace…as in Gifting.)

The problem is current AI is an encyclodia of facts but it still doesn’t integrate them well let alone integrate opposite concepts which is the mental discipline known as Wisdom and which is also the very process of conceiving and perceiving new paradigms.

AI is Speedy Cyber Non-Sapiens. I’ve recently concluded that humans should be re-designated as Homo Minimally Sapiens that is, minimally wise and discerning man.

If mankind would apply an aspect of the pinnacle natural philosophical concept of Wisdom, that is grace as in gifting, to an everyday universally participated in system like the economy the potential self actualization of gratitude would go way up which is exactly what Homo Minimally Sapiens needs. Thus my Wisdomics-Gracenomics. Instead we tinker around with disciplines like politics, anthropo-centric religious beliefs and even science. As I like to say: “Science is wonderful, necessary and deliciously interesting…and it exists entirely within the mindset/digestive tract of Wisdom.”


I would suggest AI coders try to integrate the many, many aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace into their creations. Particularly a unity of opposites that results in a thirdness greater oneness of an apparently unresolvable duality. Thorough mental integration of apparent opposites is the very process and means of garnering wisdom, and it is also the result of the phenomenon known as a paradigm change. That’s why integrating the seeming opposites of the current monopolistic paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money, Debt as in Burden to Repay ONLY and Monetary Grace as in Gifting will result in a paradigm change…if strategically implemented with universality and at the most efficacious places in the economic process.

By the way confronting complete conceptual opposition and complete inversion of temporal universe reality are signatures of historical paradigm changes like geo-centrism to helio-centrism/the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun and nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization.

The Delusive Fetish of “Free Markets”

  1. Free markets exist no where. Consult both the tax code and the powers of Finance and Multi-national corporations with global reach.
  2. Its actually a misnomer for the actual reality whch is alternately goosed and strangled dominating monetary and financial chaos.

What we need is universally secure and relatively abundant economic free flowiness and that will only occur when we integrate the policies of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting into the Debt Only based system.

Posted To Ellen Brown’s Substack Newsletter 05/17/2023

Me: Basically speculative financialization is “of the devil”. Limited, emphasis LIMITED speculation and even hedging on actually productive pursuits is fine, but de-stabilizing an already unstable monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only with shorting is just pouring on the stupidity and enabling the already over weeningly powerful to further dominate the system and the people within it.

FOH: People who understand little of the intricacies of financial markets should think twice before making bold propositions.

Does the writer understand what put options are? (Buying a put is very much like selling the stock short.)

Does the writer understand swaps? (One counterparty is effectively long the stock, the other effectively short the stock.)

Does the writer understand hedging? (The market makers who sell call options to the general public hedge their directional risk by short selling the stock.)

Does the writer understand the role of efficient markets? Does she understand the contribution to efficient markets made by long/short pairs trading?

Does the writer understand how banning short sales would impact all these alternatives and legitimate functions of short selling? Maybe she does, but there is no hint of it in this vastly oversimplified call for a ban on short selling.

Me: All of the things you mentioned are just “epicycles” and “perturbations of Mars” to try to survive, game and/or make sense out of a paradigm that is waaaaay too anomalous not to require a new one….and that such change makes profitable investment a thousand times less risky than the unethical skurrying seemingly needed in the present one.

Reply to Rafi:

Reification can be a good or mistaken thing. What we need to do is reify the various aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace like Monetary Gifting for instance…by implementing monetary, financial and economic policies that do exactly that.

Shorting and almost all other aspects of financialization are a negative reification of greed, dominance and even theft as Ellen has outlined.

Rather than rely on techniques devolved out of the present civilization long monetary paradigm of Debt Only let us bring universal security, macro-economic stability and actual ethics to the money system by integrating Gifting into the monopolistic current paradigm. With security the individual is much more likely to support and act with rationality.

In my book I propose a policy of a sliding scale percentage of required investment of earned and gifted income into actually economic/productive pursuits and into eco-bonds for research into new energy sources and to fund the mega-projects necessary to confront and handle climate change. Let us have that rather than the present crazy financialized golem that keeps all of the seeming unresolvable economic problems we have in continual effect.

Posted To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletter 05/16/2023

Excellent observation, and paradigm perception and communication is exactly the same phenomenon because new paradigms are always in complete cpnceptual opposition to the current paradigm and also suggest, and if accurate, create complete temporal universe inversion of reality. This is why I titled my book Wisdomics-Gracenomics because wisdom insights and new paradigms are alike deep simplicities and aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace (in this case Gifting) have historically been the major effects of paradigm changes.

For instance the change from NOMADIC Hunting and Gathering FOR FOOD became AGRICULTURE, HOMESTEADING and URBANIZATION leading to more assured abundance (aspect of philosophical concept of grace). Likewise the Copernican cosmological paradigm change was helio-centrism instead of geo-centrism and the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun was the new cognition and temporal universe reality understood, and it increased knowledge and temporal universe workability (both aspects of Wisdom and the concept of grace).

Thus, the new paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money goes from Debt Only to Monetary Gifting and
1) the most strategic place and means of implementing the new paradigm is a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale because it is the single universally participated in and thus agent effected point in the entire economic process by

2) utilizing the same method the private banks use to create upward of 97% of our new money Only As Debt every year (accounting, equal debits and credits that sum to zero) but instead by integrating Monetary Gifting into the Debt Only system

3) it mathematically and macro-economically ends inflation forever, immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power that has eroded for the last 50+ years and historically been the core problem of profit making economic systems

There are other policies that synergize and stabilize the beneficial effects of this key policy of course.


The 14th amendment might be the resolution of this current political absurdity, but we must be careful not to constitutionally validate the current monetary paradigm of Debt Only. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with debt itself only the weilding of a MONOPOLISTIC monetary paradigm and thus an inevitable and de-stabilizing build up in private debt. Public debt is just a political side show that private finance is happy to foment as a distraction from the solution which is the new paradigm of Gifting.