Posted To The Electric Universe 05/16/2022

This is the best video from the electric universe in some time. Light and electricity does seem to be the most basic foundation of the cosmos. To me our level of consciousness is directly related to the degree of integration of our own light/electricity with the electro-magnetic milieu that surrounds us continually. The more oneness with it that we achieve the more conscious we are of ourselves and the cosmos as well. This I call the Cosmic Code expressed thusly [ (A x Z) —> C ] which being interpreted is: an integrated (apparent) duality (A x Z) leads to —> a thirdness greater oneness C of all within the brackets [ ]. Life and consciousness is a trinity-unity-oneness-process. Utterly natural and yet also ecstatic.

Non-Profit Statement

Well, I should have started this 5 years ago when I wrote my book on the new monetary paradigm, but with the disintegrative trend the country is in socio-economically and politically and with essentially nothing being done about climate change it becomes a necessary duty to start the non-profit I’m calling Monetary Gifting.

The current monetary paradigm hasn’t changed for the entire course of human civilization and is the lynch pin that keeps all of the problems in the above systems in continual suspension.

The fact is empires have blunted the effects of the current paradigm before with monetary gifting, but only temporarily because the ways of doing so did not go to the level of paradigm change. But the good news is there is hope because the policies outlined in my book are the very expression of the new paradigm and are implemented at the key points in the economic process that will bring its benefits directly, continuously and to all.

Trinity-Unity-Oneness: The Secret Aspect of Grace and Paradigm Changes That Makes All The Difference In The World

The primary personal aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace is love in action. However, the primary temporal universe aspect of that same concept is Trinity-Unity-Oneness which is the what and why of how grace is able to effect deep and permanent change. None of Humanity’s high ideals will be accomplished let alone maintained until we become aware of this fact and hence align policy with its incredible power.

This is why ending the human civilization long monopoly paradigm of money, namely Debt Only, is so important because it enforces scarcity and all of its negative effects. Only the new monetary paradigm of Gifting will be able to effect unifying abundance which of course is another key aspect of grace.

Trinity-Unity-Oneness is the paradigmatic effect of grace and the aspect of same that unifies the seeming opposing self interests of human political and economic constituencies. Humanity is currently in the disintegrative grip of obsessive dualism, and must become aware of Trinity-Unity-Oneness as the way to exit this deadly circumstance.

Simplicity, Longevity, Degree of Integration, Human Significance and The Power of A Mega Paradigm Change

The Einstein quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” is insightful regarding the paradigm change in the money system which would also result in a Mega Paradigm for humanity.

Economic theory and reform of it is incredibly complex. However, changing the single concept of the monetary paradigm, which is the operant factor and systemic means by which all economic activity takes place, is a simplicity that therefore has tremendous power for change.

I would add another consideration here and that is the length of time and degree of integration of a paradigm concept is inversely proportional to the beneficial effects of its paradigm change. Hence the concept of a Mega paradigm change.

The current monetary paradigm has been not changed for the entire period of human civilization. Furthermore, the deepest and most significant evolving consideration of human spirituality, namely grace as in love in action, has been unnecessarily shunted away from temporal affairs since the rise of science. Grace as in ability to experience love and direct it toward oneself and the other is extremely crimped if not inhibited by the dominance of the mindset of science and this unconsciously promotes and adds to the power of the current zeitgeist of Power, Profit and Control.

Integrating grace as in Monetary Gifting directly, continuously and universally into the economy via the twin policies of a 50% Discount/Rebate at retail sale and a 50% Debt Jubilee at the point of loan signing would combine the factors of simplicity of consideration, longevity of and degree of integration of current paradigm and degree of human significance into an ongoing, universally beneficial and problem resolving Mega Paradigm change the likes of which humanity has not seen since it evolved self awareness, and would enable the furthering of the next logical zeitgeist change to Grace as in Redeemed Power, Profit and Control.

The Realities, Experiences and Their Philosophical Alignments

There are levels of grace/consciousness.

Wisdom is the integrative mindset, and grace is the ultimate wisdom.

Grace is the ultimate human concept, experience and state of the cosmos.

Science is natural truth and grace being the natural state of the cosmos, is the ultimate scientific discovery.

Grace is love in action/systemic policy.

Grace is the dynamic state of the integration of the truths in opposites to the point of a true thirdness and greater oneness of truthfulness. This is the cosmic code. { [ (A x Z) –> C] }

Grace is the ultimate unitary concept/experience.

Now is grace. Space/Time is the absolutlely unchangeable force of the cosmos. Be conscious of Space/Time/Now and you have entered “the kingdom of heaven”.

Grace is not necessarily religion at all. It is reality, natural philosophy, enlightened human psychology and spirituality. Being love in action it is the fulfillment of the law of all of the world’s major wisdom traditions, and its experience is everything while anthropomorphic ruminations about its attribution is “filthy rags”.

The more one experiences the moment and self actualizes grace the fewer personal problems, hang ups, unhappiness and stupidities they feel and express.

As above, so below. “Systems were made for Man, not Man for systems.” C. H. Douglas. Grace is the state of the cosmos and systems based on and guided by the various aspects of grace will mirror those aspects like…1) unity/integrativeness of opposites, 2) dynamism/powerfulness, 3) sovereignty, that is all powerfulness that is yet redeemed by the concern for the greater Good at the same time and in every way and hence benevolent and ultimately ethical. In a word Loving, 4) abundance, 5) Free Flowingness

Major Mental Hurdle To New Paradigm Perception: The Acculturation of Cynicism

Objectivity is a requirement for honesty and scientific truth, but cynicism never solved anything. One is a virtue, the other one of the worst mental vices and stumbling block to necessary action.

Cynicism regarding money has been a human civilization-long acculturated fact because the paradigm for the creation and distribution of money has always been Debt Only for its entire course, no matter whether its weilder has been the Palace/Government or the private banks.

Monopolies are inherently elitist, dominating and problematic, and breaking them up is the duty of every individual who recognizes that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The trick is to act with two of the apparently opposing characteristics of the ultimately unitary and benficial concept of grace, namely love and sovereignty, instead of resorting to the apathy and resentment of cynicism.

Grace is the answer to everything including resolving the monopolistic monetary paradigm.

Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newsletter 04/12/2022

A 50% discount to consumers at retail sale, all of which was rebated back to the enterprise gifting it to consumers by the monetary authority so that they would be whole on their overheads and profit margins…would not only stop inflation, but do the impossible so far as orthodox theories are concerned, that is, integrate beneficial price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems.

Now THAT is a policy the democrats should get behind…like they’ve never gotten behind before.

And yes, further regulation and innovation is necessary to stabilize such a paradigm change, but I don’t want to hear cynical nonsense that such thing can never happen etc. etc. etc. Cynicism never solved anything. As Einstein said: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” And: “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

Grace: The Ultimate Powerful Reality

For instance, the graceful flow of each moment of time is so real, so natural, so powerful that it is unstoppable. And that is a powerful fact.

And another thing, you cannot escape grace. You can only subvert it by insisting on duality as the only reality instead of the graceful truth of trinity/unity/oneness.

So please stop being such an idiot, by practicing standing in the light of grace.

All Of Everything That Is An Actual Deep Integration Of Opposing Truths and Operant Factors

For those who would mistake the Inclusiveness aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace as a “wishy washy” combination of ineffective compromise, the reminder that paradigms/paradigm changes are always deep and significant changes and are also quintessentially integrative phenomena of opposing truths and only truths, as well as operant factors.

There is no such thing as a minmalization of wisdom, actual integrations and pattern changes.