Re-Post of A 2015 Post (needs editing and clarifying, but hits most of the concepts)

Integrated Duality Within Trinity Which Is Unity: A Theory of Everything, and Its Economic and Monetary Application To Balance the Current Monopoly of Debt Falsely Parading Itself as a Unitary Economic and Monetary Paradigm

Formula For Theory of Everything: Integrated Duality Within Trinity Which is Unity     [(Integrated Duality) Trinity = Unity]

Current “mindset” of the monetary system:

[(Monopoly Paradigm of Debt Enjoyed By Private Finance) = Domination and Manipulation by a False Unity]

This financial monopoly also violates the dualistic economic paradigm of  competition.

The correct formula should be:

[(Private Banking X Public Banking) = Unity]

The Public Banking concept is thus elevated from merely a structurally competitive economic force to a central bank operating truly in the interests of the individual by compiling statistics to determine the correct amounts of money dispensed for a universal dividend and a retail discount and so being the agent for a balancing monetary paradigm and policy of Gifting

Finance has so obviously been the problematic business model since forever, and is so asymmetrically powerful today because of its unbalanced monopoly paradigm of Debt. You fight an idea, a paradigm effectively only with an idea/paradigm of equal (or greater) strength, and you balance a financial monopoly by implementing a structurally competitive agent in the economy like Public Banking and also as a central bank that operates in the actual interests of the individual and the other traditional business models by issuing a universal dividend and a retail discount to consumers. It’s time to “hit the streets” en masse and end the failed experiment with homo economicus enforced by the paradigm of Debt, and live up to our actual species designation, homo sapiens, wise and discerning man. Wisdom is the integrative process, Grace as in mental balance, equilibrium, flow and Gifting/forgiving is the pinnacle concept of Wisdom and synonymous with the goals of economic theory and policy . Integrating the above grace reflecting policies into modern technologically advanced economies aligns the economic and monetary systems with who and what we are and fits seamlessly within profit making systems. Paradigmatic and elite Power will bend to the right idea and policies…and the overwhelming numbers of an indignant and focused populace. Project Grace and Public Banking…and idea and movement whose time has come.

One of the great advantages and uses of the Duality Within Trinity Which is Unity formula is it reveals/exposes monopolistic thinking and the problem of intellectual mereness and fragmentation. Hence thinking along the lines of “Capitalism is the ONLY economic theory worth considering”, “Private finance is the ONLY way to create and disburse/distribute money” and “Government is ALWAYS tyrannical” are seen as the arrogant, exclusionary, fallacious and irrationally generalized statements…that they actually are.

The rules of the formula of the necessity of an integration of a genuine Duality, and the equal necessity that only the true aspects of the subject the formula is applied to and also the emphasis on the humanly sensitive/individual effects of the opposing/reflecting/balancing points of view of the Duality keeps the thinking intellectually open, honest, inclusionary, expansive, rational and most importantly ethical.


The “Trinity which is Unity” aspect of the formula of course is the guarantor of both a holistic point of view and the validation that all legitimate realities be considered. The concept of Trinity is not only a valid philosophical consideration it can be an experiential reality as well.


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