Rebuttals To “The 50% Discount/Rebate At Retail Sale Will Cause Over Consumption”

Doubling demand does not ipso facto mean a doubling of consumption, use food and underwear example

Required Investment of gifted money policy

Policy program of Wisdomics-Gracenomics will enable the off and under planeting of much of production

Mining of the moon and asteriods

Freedom, security and gratitude foment rationality and cooperation…reforms are never up to such beneficial effects

True paradigm changes enable and force adaptation of the new concept, reforms are always undermined and morphed back into a form of the old paradigm by its dominant actors

Without the macro-economic ending of inflation and the other enablements of the new paradigm you’ll never get a true “revolt of the bourgeosie” and an actual thirdness greater oneness integration of capitalism and socialism

There are paradigm changes and then there are mega-paradigm changes like the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm which are true turning points in the evolution of the species

Imagination and visualization are the primary tools of Wisdom/Paradigmatic-Conceptual analysis the set of which includes the reductive nature of scientific analysis

Grace is the pinnacle concept/experience of Wisdom, the concept behind every historical paradigm change, the actual cosmic reality and the highest potential human personal reality, thus its temporal universe application and the self actualization of its various aspects will enable its major aspect of dynamic balance, sought by both economic theorists and sought after by the world’s major Wisdom traditions, to become reality.

Wisdom isn’t Wisdom unless it is both temporal universe application and personal self actualization


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