Posted To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletter 05/16/2023

Excellent observation, and paradigm perception and communication is exactly the same phenomenon because new paradigms are always in complete cpnceptual opposition to the current paradigm and also suggest, and if accurate, create complete temporal universe inversion of reality. This is why I titled my book Wisdomics-Gracenomics because wisdom insights and new paradigms are alike deep simplicities and aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace (in this case Gifting) have historically been the major effects of paradigm changes.

For instance the change from NOMADIC Hunting and Gathering FOR FOOD became AGRICULTURE, HOMESTEADING and URBANIZATION leading to more assured abundance (aspect of philosophical concept of grace). Likewise the Copernican cosmological paradigm change was helio-centrism instead of geo-centrism and the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun was the new cognition and temporal universe reality understood, and it increased knowledge and temporal universe workability (both aspects of Wisdom and the concept of grace).

Thus, the new paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money goes from Debt Only to Monetary Gifting and
1) the most strategic place and means of implementing the new paradigm is a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale because it is the single universally participated in and thus agent effected point in the entire economic process by

2) utilizing the same method the private banks use to create upward of 97% of our new money Only As Debt every year (accounting, equal debits and credits that sum to zero) but instead by integrating Monetary Gifting into the Debt Only system

3) it mathematically and macro-economically ends inflation forever, immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power that has eroded for the last 50+ years and historically been the core problem of profit making economic systems

There are other policies that synergize and stabilize the beneficial effects of this key policy of course.


The 14th amendment might be the resolution of this current political absurdity, but we must be careful not to constitutionally validate the current monetary paradigm of Debt Only. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with debt itself only the weilding of a MONOPOLISTIC monetary paradigm and thus an inevitable and de-stabilizing build up in private debt. Public debt is just a political side show that private finance is happy to foment as a distraction from the solution which is the new paradigm of Gifting.


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