Why What I Have Done Is So Significant

I’ve consciously identified the specific new monetary, financial and economic paradigm concept. I’ve also gone in three directions with it. I’ve found the most efficacious places, times and ways to apply the new concept. I’ve also identified the mental discipline for identifying new paradigms (the integrative mental impulse AKA Wisdom) as well as the concept behind every historical paradigm change (the natural philosophical concept of grace). Finally, I’ve identified the new concept of the mega-paradigm change and shown how the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm fulfills all of the signatures of a mega-paradigm change, of which there has probably only been two in the entire history of the human species.

All of the other leading reformers have accurately surrounded the area the new paradigm resides in, but not the specific concept and hence not the best ways to apply it. In other words they’re stuck in identifying the separate problems of the current anomalous paradigm, not the resolution thereof. Further, they’re stuck in the current reductionistic paradigm of Science Only as the sole means of intellectual inquiry that prevents them from recognizing the importance and problem solving superlative mental discipline of Wisdom, and within which science is a wholly contained set. As I like to say science is wonderful, necessary and delicious, and it exists entirely within the digestive tract of Wisdom. Wisdom/paradigmatic/dynamic concept level of analysis are basically the same discipline because they are both the means of deciphering and applying deep simplicities.


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