Posted To Medium Regarding the Thinking on The Three City Concept

Excellent thinking. Thirdness greater oneness of apparent dualisms is a major signature of Wisdom whose pinnacle concept is the natural philosophical concept of grace (in the west, it of course is other words which point at the same experience in the east and middle east). Grace is nothing more and certainly nothing less than love in action, that is loving/graciousness. Grace is the most pregnant concept/experience that humanity has ever conceived/acted with. Why is this? Because a major aspect of grace is thorough/complete integration, so its the inclusive (wholism), discriminating (scientific) and purifying (ethical) integration of a duality that results in a thirdnesss greater oneness of…everything and its opposite, i.e. a duality. And as the world and you are seeming opposites and everything in existence from a dualistic stand point is (unfortunately) considered reality…so is grace, samadhi, tawhid, nirvana its thirdness greater oneness resolution.

Duality is apparency, thirdness greater oneness is reality…and via the cultivation of grace, the ultimate goal of life and living.


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