We Are Increasingly Becoming More Obsessively Dualistic

When what is required is a thorough integration of opposites that in fact is a thirdness greater oneness of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of the dualism. This is what is known as a paradigm change and what I also call The Cosmic Code: A thorough integration of opposites that results in a thirdness greater oneness. The higher personal and temporal reality is always this process and this result. The Cosmic Code is a Trinity Unity Integrative Process of Apparent Dualistic Orthodoxies. The Cosmic Code is the ultimate reality both personal and temporal. It is called various names in the world’s major wisdom traditions like samadhi, tawhid, nirvana and grace.

Grace is everything because it is everything and its opposite fully integrated including time, space, consciousness and everything present in the moment.


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