Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Podcast 05/06/2023

You want an upward sloping demand curve no matter whether supply is up or down? Implement a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale. Instead of a representitive agent we need a monetary policy at the single universally participated in and hence aggregative point in the entire economic process. Yeah, yeah, yeah you’ll need some effective regulations, incentives and disincentives (Read “propositions they cannot refuse”) to corrale commercial agents into cooperating in the new paradigm, many of which are in my book, but that’s just life in the human world that isn’t entirely rational or ethical.

Bond markets? End the vast majority of them, because most financializations are simply ways for the private banks to sustain their present dominance, by consolidating them into Eco-bonds paying 5-6%

Private banks? Huge profit sucking parasites when we need a central bank and a non-profit publicly administered banking system firmly guided by the new paradigm concept (Monetary Gifting) which is an aspect of the natural philosophical concept behind every historical paradigm change, namely the integrative, unitary and always beneficial concept variously known in the world’s wisdom traditions as samadhi, tawhid, nirvana and grace. Remember when you throw out the bath water of the pre-scientific orthodoxies of religions…just don’t throw out the wisdom/enlightened psychology they all point at as well.


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