Why Talking About A New Monetary Paradigm Is So Difficult For Influencers and For Researchers

Because in doing so you have to DIRECTLY take on the Banks who command and control the present paradigm and hence its power to command and control the influencer who is dependent upon the financial “blessings” of the banks.

Throw in the fact that there is so much false orthodoxy, confusion due to misinformation and disinformation about money and finally almost complete unconsciousness regarding the present paradigm let alone lack of informed imagination in perceiving the new paradigm…and you’ve got a lot of mental hurdles to jump over and rebut. So much so that even the leading reformers and their movements have failed to perceive both the present and the new paradigms let alone how to where, when and how most efficaciously to implement the new one.

And that is what I have done through a combination of study, luck and intention to find and attain understanding of the monetary system and its present and new operant applied concepts. That is paradigmatic analysis and perception, which is synonymous with wisdom insights, both of which are deep simplicities.

Discovering and proving problems is one thing. Discerning the deepest and even transformative solutions to such problems is a couple orders of magnitude deeper analysis and beneficial application.

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