Posted To Ellen Brown’s Substack Article 04/28/2023

Me: NIB is good. Crypto is both unsecurable and ecologically unworkable. Monetary Gifting as the new paradigm, strategically implemented so as to mathematically end inflation and abundantly benefit all economic agents is the real answer though. Monetary Gifting is what saved us from COVID. Private Finance must cast doubt far and wide in order to muddy the waters about that fact. And don’t fall for the concept of “free” markets the theory of which mistakes freedom for what really exists, namely a monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only that actually enforces alternately goosed and strangled financial chaos…from which Private Finance always benefits by rising from the ashes of its ever more frequent de-stabilizations. We need Wisdomics-Gracenomics and what aligns with the mega-paradigm change it is.

Response by Red Hornet: “Covid 19 relief was dispensed to maintain the income stream of landlords and creditors.”

Me: Correct, and also to prevent a much larger economic downturn because individual incomes were plummeting as well due to unemployment.

I’m sure we have tons to agree about, but Monetary Grace as in Gifting IS the new monetary and economic paradigm. How could it be otherwise when it resolves the deepest problems of the current paradigm (inflation, chronic individual and commercial monetary austerity and the continual build up of private debt) and its an expression of the natural philosophical concept behind all historical paradigm changes, namely grace. In fact Monetary Grace as in Gifting is a mega-paradigm change of which there has probably only been two in the history of the human species because being expressed at retail sale it is universally and continuously participated in and hence experienced. How do people self actualize their thoughts, emotions and actions. Repetition is the answer. Imagine an economy based on grace as in Gifting that continually reinforced gratitude instead of frustration, cynicism and hopelessness. Again, mega-paradigm changes are universally and continually experienced and their beneficial effects spill over into systems, bodies of knowledge and areas of human endeavor other than the area of primary analysis…like Monetary Gifting will do in the spheres of political science, human psychology, sociology and ecology.


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