Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Podcast 04/02/2023

99% of financialization needs to be eliminated. Anything less than that is just “epicycles”. But to make that happen you have to study the signatures of historical paradigm changes like:

1) complete conceptual opposition
2) complete inversion of temporal universe reality
3) direct, immediate and continuing benefit to all valid systemic agents which enlightens them to the dominance of the invalid/problematic agent(s). That’s how you get Marx’s revolt of not just the bourgeoisie , but the mass of individuals. Forget about critiquing/bitching about present “authorities” build the better paradigmatic mouse trap and communicate its benefits.

Sarcasm and iconoclasm are fun and self rewarding, but accomplishing the common good is even more so.

You’re the best economist on the planet. But if you don’t up your game to paradigmatic analysis you risk becoming the William Nordhaus of paradigm change.


Another excellent systemic accounting analysis and (apparently still slightly unconscious) identification of the present monopolistic monetary paradigm concept of Debt/Credit Only.

Now if you’d study up on the historical signatures of new paradigm concepts the scales might fall from your eyes regarding the new monetary one.

I try not to brag too much about it, but I’m the Copernicus (exact new concept/Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting), Gallileo (discovery of the monetary policy and macro-economic significance of the single temporal universe point in the economic process that is universally participated in/retail sale) and the Kepler of the new monetary paradigm

1) a high percentage discount/rebate policy at retail sale that mathematically solves the major problem of both the old and the new paradigm and makes it work by

2) inverting erosive inflation into beneficial price and asset deflation and

3) enables a shit load of additional beneficial economic effects as well as integrative and innovative regulations, incentives and disincentives that solidify and stabilize the new paradigm from a not altogether rational or ethical human species.

Remember, all new paradigms need in our technologically advanced world is a platform/mass movement to communicate their benefits. Consult Hugo regarding ideas whose time have come.

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