Posted To Steve and Friends Podcast 03/27/2023

The rarest of human characteristics is the one willing to embrace ambiguity, illogic and even risk apparent absurdity in pursuit of the greater truth AKA the integrative discipline and mindset of Wisdom. This goes beyond iconoclasm which is a great human characteristic and all too rare itself, but iconoclasm remains subject to dualism and hence obsession with problems while Wisdom is about solutions. Wisdom insights and paradigmatic analysis are alike in that they are deep, integrative, inclusive and resolving simplicities so they include iconoclasm but go beyond it to thirdness greater oneness which has always been the signature of Wisdom. Thirdness is actually all over the place, but neglected or missed because one gets caught up in thesis versus antithesis instead of searching for the integrative, inclusive goal of synthesis.

Virtually all iconoclastic economic reformers, even if their research is true, still analyze only within the orthodox mindset of science and math when Wisdom/Paradigmatic analysis which includes the mindset of science is required in order to see and understand the pattern solution to the deepest problem(s).


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