Direct and Reciprocal Tarrif and 1% Gift Policy

If China or any other country we import products or resources from raise their prices we will slap a tarrif of the total increase in price on any such inflated prices plus 1%. The tarrif revenue plus 1% will then be rebated back to the enterprises that imported those goods essentially turning a cost increase problem into a benefit for the business.

This policy is perfectly reflective of both the same accounting method the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and of the new monetary and financial paradigm itself.

The importing enterprise will need to pledge that they themselves will not inflate their prices in order to receive the benefit of the tarrif policy, and if they break that pledge they will suffer loss of the rebate and 1% gift for 1 month the first time and the second time they do so despite reciving a gift they will lose both the rebated tarrif and the 1% gift altogether.


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