Grace/Wisdom/Cosmic Reality Posted To Marianne Williamson’s Website

Thank you Diana. I’m four square for science. Let me preface with that. However science which is supposed to be values neutral is actually values neglectful. And thats why we need Wisdom of which ethics, the rational consideration of morals, is an integral part. Then, if you consider that:

1) love has always universally been considered the supreme human value and experience and

2) grace is nothing more and certainly nothing less than love in action/systemic policy, then

3) grace/graciousness/Wisdom is the superlative human mental discipline AND object, not science which is just a set within Wisdom and

4) I’m of the considered opinion that grace as in the ecstatic experience itself is actually the largely undiscovered state and deepest reality…of the present moment and of the cosmos. So may grace/graciousness be within us all, and in our systems via policy reflective of same.


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