Why Paradigmatic Analysis Is So Important and Why It Is So Seldom Utilized

If you want clarity about money and the economy you have to first be open to analyzing on the operant applied paradigmatic level. And that is the biggest hurdle because it (apparently, but not actually) goes against the modern quasi-monopolistic reductive paradigm for inquiry AKA science. In other words to analyze on the paradigmatic level you have to find a single concept when we’ve all been acculturated since the enlightenment to find all of the relevant data and confirm its truthfulness…first! Overcome that bias and its probably 90% of the battle won because you’re starting by finding the single concept that is most problematic which greatly focuses your research and then, using the signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes it becomes much easier to decipher the new paradigm concept. Understand, I’m four square for science, just not overly orthodox science. All monopolies are problematic and inhibitive, but monopolistic paradigms/operant concepts are particularly so.


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