New Taxation Policies For Inflating Corporations Posted Here and To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletter 02/22/2023

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In the new monetary paradigm not only will arbitrary inflater corportions be taxed at a rate of 100% on any revenue they may gain from such anti-social action, but they and their employees will be taxed to fund the new eco/climate bonds created to confront those problems. These new payroll taxes will total at least 50% of what the corporation and their employees paid for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security and which were eliminated by the policies of the new monetary paradigm.

Such inflating corporations’ management personnel will also not be eligible for the personal and corporate tax reductions also enabled by the policies of the new paradigm, and they will also lose any gifted revenue (a 1-2% gift of net income for not inflating).

The concept behind the new monetary paradigm is an aspect of grace, namely Gifting/a Gift, which concept has always been the concept behind every historical paradigm change. And the taxation policies above are also based on an aspect of grace as in sovereignty as in absolute power that is redeemed by its desire to both serve the common good and to inhibit/punish irresponsible behavior that would destabilize same.

The whole concept of “free” markets is flawed because in the human universe there is only freedom within known and enforced barriers. That’s why you can’t walk into a theater and yell, Fire!

In today’s modern oligopolistic corporate conglomerates and branding there is scant to no competition and no effective barrier to inflation. Hence “free” market theory is actually an enforcement of the present chaotic reality. Sovereign redeemed power by the government in its constitutionally granted power of taxation will effectively end that present fact and deal with agents who would abuse with it.

KC: That idea would be the end of private enterprise, innovation, and abundance. Instead, your ideas are the worn out prescription of communism, the surest way to create scarcity & misery. It’s failed everywhere it’s been attempted. There is no new monetary paradigm – there are only proposals to reattempt failed ideas by people who don’t know history.

Me: HAHAHA! Please explain how:

1) doubling individual demand by reducing the price of everything at retail by half (and yet the enterprise still receives their full best competitive price with the rebate), and
2) which potentially doubles the demand for every enterprise’s goods and services which is the definition of “good economic times” and
3) ends any possibility of inflation becuase retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire economic process where production exits the economy and becomes consumption and
4) enables us to cut taxes of all kinds (for those who abide by the new graciously beneficial policies of the new paradigm)…is “the end of private enterprise, innovation, and abundance.” ???

The fact is it is the end of the rule of advanced Finance Capitalism and the rejuvenation of the very profit making economic system you imagine is or should exist, by resolving its major problems and by imbuing it with what it majorly lacks, namely an unassailable ethic of graciousness.

Keith, I’m sure you mean well, but you need to look past your orthodox mind filters and keep looking at the above temporal universe economic policy effects until you are able to see them…instead of just reacting to them.

KC: With all due respect, your comments are wordy but meaningless & nonsensical. You have not discovered new rules of economics.

Me: My comments and proposed policies are simply the utilization of the tools of accounting, that is debits and credits. Accounting/double entry bookkeeping is one of humanity’s greatest tools and its basic practices create temporal universe grounded realities that one cannot deny…IF they actually look at it. For instance when you borrow from a bank the equal accounting entries of that contract create the reality of Debt. A reciprocal gift of money utilizing debits and credits erases the burden to repay price at retail. That creates price reduction to the consumer and yet no loss of final payment to the retail merchant participating in the policy. Look at that, and keep on looking at it until you see it.

I have in fact discovered new economic facts about retail sale that have been staring economists in the face for at least a century, but they missed mostly because they got caught up in their abstractions instead of looking directly at the economic process itself, and also because they like nearly everyone else is guided and unfortunately too often blinded by their own cultural horizon. I have also innovated monetary policies that resolve long standing economic problems. Look at the policy effects. Keep on looking. They are not meaningless and nonsensical. They create empirical, mathematical and temporal universe realities.

KC: Inflation still hot, consumer spending still strong on the gusher of printed money they’ve been given by Santa’s elves at Treasury. ‘Transient’ is becoming as legendary as ‘if you like your plan you can keep your plan’. MMT isn’t solving anything, it’s exacerbating problems.

Me: Neither you affirming the means of dominating the general populace and all other commercial agents except those that are already monopolies (austerity), nor MMT’s failure to realize that reforms, even good reforms like MMT, within “free” market theory will never effectively deal with inflation. “Free” market theory is fantasy. It should rather be called Monetary and Financially Dominated Chaos Theory.

We are at the point where nothing except a new paradigm will effectively resolve our economic problems. THAT MUST BE COGNITED ON BY ECONOMISTS. Ptolemaic economics REQUIRES Copernican economics. All of the perfectly legitimate reductive analysis is simply not up to the task. It REQUIRES finding the SPECIFIC single, operant concept AKA paradigmatic analysis and the most workable and problem solving means of its application.

Brilliant guys like Steve Keen says exactly the above…and then immediately drops the idea and gets on to ANOTHER problem, the negative effects on energy caused by unchecked climate change, which changing the monetary and financial paradigm will enable the kind of mega projects needed to deal with that problem.

For chrissake lets put the horse back in front of the cart.


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