Posted To Both Steve Keen’s and Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletters 01/30/2023

MMT has the communication problems you mention all right. What it doesn’t have is a set of policies that immediately and directly impact the pocket books of the individual. Think about it. Why didn’t people bitch about the debt when they received their COVID stimulus checks? Because it was a direct gift of money and hence it benefited them. I’ll bet the bankers really quacked in their boots and wanted to put their fingers to their mouths and go SHHHH! when the decision was made to implement that once or twice-off policy. A 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale is the perfect direct and immediate beneficial policy MMT and every other monetary reform movement needs to break the spell of Finance’s dominance. It simultaneously slays our three biggest economic problems:

1) continual erosive price and asset inflation

2) chronic scarcity of individual demand

3) the communication problem you mention, as an immediate and continuous doubling of everyone’s purchasing power with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale is the best thing “since sliced bread”.

Messaging? How did Trump win in 2016 and get 40 million Twitter followers? He pressed the 50 year old ignored and oppressed button. Why not press the human civilization long dominated and enslaved button that Finance’s monopolistic paradigm of New Money Creation Must Only Be Debt as in Burden to Repay and integrate Monetary Gifting DIRECTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY into the Debt Only system?

Here’s a related post I just made on Steve Keen’s substack podcast:

All of what you say regarding neo-liberal macro is spot on of course, but why do you treat private banking as a legitimate business model? Think about it. Finance is a shit load of additional costs that is always either post-retail sale or pre-production consequently clearly marking it as an exterior parasite on the the rest of the actually legitimate economic/productive process. And it matters not that calculus can justify its costs mathematically, its non/anti-economic in nature. You toss in the fact of its increasingly unethical dominance of every other business model and 95-99% of every individual agent and what’s the argument FOR it???

A true publically administered banking system has so many advantages over the private system its a testament to acculturated unconsciousness that no one is advocating for it. For instance, a public banking system would not need to make a profit thus it could both change the terminal ending point of the entire economic process from retail sale to the point of loan signing and thus incorporate finance into the legitimate economy. It would also much more easily enable us to integrate debt jubilee continually into that process with a 0-50% Discount/Debt Jubilee policy at point of loan signing. (the more rational and ecologically sane the financing the higher the debt jubilee percentage). Let’s have some innovation for “the roving cavaliers of credit”. Better yet, let us apply an aspect of the natural philosophical concept behind every historical paradigm change namely grace, in this instance monetary grace as in gifting.


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