Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Newsletter 01/23/2023

Theorists and activists have forgotten the thirdness greater oneness of Hegel’s dialetic, namely synthesis which is just another word for a well fitting and thorough integration of a problematic duality in other words of the problematic thesis vs antithesis.

If we live in Finance capitalism and an accurate assessment of the problematic area has to do with “money, debt and banks” then I would suggest that its severely likely that the core of the core problem can be stated as: A monopolistic MONETARY paradigm of DEBT as in Burden to Repay Only (the word “only” designates the paradigm as monopolistic) wielded by the dominant current force not only in the economy, but the entire earthly temporal universe the private BANKS.

So what might be the economic system that is the synthesis/integration of capitalism vs socialism? How about the necessarily ethically sensitive profit making system of Direct Monetary Distributism?

As wisdom is the integrative human mental discipline, has always been associated with resolving thirdnesses greater onenesses exactly like Hegel’s full dialectic, and the pinnacle concept of wisdom and ethics is the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in personal action and logically systemic policy (as policies are the actions of systems)… we could also call it Wisdomics-Gracenomics. Google it.

Sometimes insight comes from opening up to conflicts in ideas, or a perceived conflict in a relationship with another and so leads to a thirdness greater oneness integrative result. The important thing, I’m confident you’d agree, is the integrative result.


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