Monetary Gifting: The Next Mega-Paradigm Change and the Next Logical Step Toward a New Zeitgeist

Yes, monopoly power is the ultimate power, and the monopoly paradigm of Finance which is to create new money ONLY as debt is the ultimate monopoly power because paradigms are the operant/most significant and powerful concepts…of an entire system, body of knowledge, area of human endeavor. That makes the monetary paradigm, in other words the paradigm of the life’s blood of every individual and commercial agent in the entire economy, the most powerful paradigm within the paradigm of economics.

Keep following my logic here. In my book I introduce the concept of the mega-paradigm which is a paradigm change in a very long term old paradigm the benefits of which not only resolve problems in the primary pattern under analysis but spill over into other systems/patterns/etc. The monetary paradigm hasn’t changed for the entire length of human civilization and there have only been 2 maybe 3 such paradigm changes in the entire history of the human species 1) the emergence of human self awareness which was the change from the mere struggle for survival to an awareness of ethics, 2) the discovery and utilization of the tool of fire which was the beginning of human technology and 3) the change from nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization which was a tremendous psycho-social and temporal universe change for the species. The change from Debt Only to Monetary Gifting will have additional beneficial effects in sociology, human psychology, ecology/climate change, politics and likely be the next step toward a change in the human zeitgeist which is the only level of analysis above that of the operant concept/paradigm.


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