Posted To RWER Blog 01/02/2023

The entirety of “mathematical-deductive analytical formalism” is only (potentially) helpful up to the point where it drops its reductionistic methodology in favor of paradigmatic/operant concept analysis and then figuring out how to most efficaciously implement the newly discovered new paradigm concept.

Accomplishing that makes erudite dunces out of every analyst still mentally holding onto the old/current paradigm. So has it been since humanity acquired self-awareness and hence also became aware of the reality of ethics, since nomadic hunters and gatherers learned agriculture and started homesteading and urbanization and since helio-centrism replaced geo-centrism.

So will it be when analysts recognize the old/current operant but problematic economic concept of Debt Only for the creation and distribution of new money and discover the best ways to implement Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.


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