I Am The Copernicus, The Galileo and The Kepler of The New Monetary Paradigm

Why do I claim this? Because I was the person who first identified the exact new paradigm concept of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. (Copernicus’ initial concept discovery and recognition)

I was the person who observed that taking C. H. Douglas’ compensated retail discount policy and making it a high percentage rate discount would temporally prove the validity and workability of the new paradigm concept. (Galileo’s observation of the moon’s of Jupiter)

I was the person who recognized that the high percentage discount/rebate policy and the rest of the new paradigm policy program made the monetary system work better than it ever has before, resolved all of the economy’s deepest problems and finally made both systems serve Man, instead of Man having to slavishly serve the system. (Kepler’s discovery of elliptical orbits which finally made the Copernican paradigm concept more accurate than the Ptolemaic one)


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