Posted To My Facebook Page 12/05/2022

“To see the world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in one hour.”

William Blake’s famous lines are not only beautiful poetry they were a mindset that is able to integrate cutting edge science and natural spirituality simply by focusing one’s attention on the incredible diversity in everyone’s immediate environment until you see it as a child does…new and vibrant in every moment.

Science has established that we actually live in a continuous milieu of electro-magnetic emanation. We can’t see that emanation because our eyes aren’t electron microscopes, but we can nascently perceive it by focusing our attention on perceiving any object in the present time environment. I do this routinely every time I take a walk anymore and it always evokes a joy and amazement at the diversity of my environment that I generally miss. It also gives me a heightened perception of each moment of time, an almost palpable sense of the space around me and an increased sense of the solidity of objects at a distance. This I believe is why zen buddhist monks gaze at walls and why Christ said: “If you want to enter the kingdom of heaven ye must become as little children.” The monks are simply trying to bring their full consciousness into present time and integrate it with the constant mileu mentioned above. Christ’s declaration was not meant for for us to ignore everything that isn’t perfect, but rather to see it directly instead of via our abstractions and biases precisely like a child does. The experience of god is in experiencing and wedding our consciousness with the graceful, dynamic emanation of whatever is in our present moment. This is a completely natural yet no less ecstatic spirituality.


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