Carrott and Stick Regulatory and Taxation Regime of The New Paradigm

In opting into the Discount/Rebate policy retail enterprise will agree to submit a monthly examination of their accounting books and agree not to raise their prices unless their total expenses exceed the cost savings they will receive from the enablements of the new paradigm like high percentage personal and corporate tax cuts, elimination of taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security and the additional tremendous savings they will reap from the 25-50% discount/debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing. If these rules are broken these benefits will be progressively withdrawn including the rebate aspect of the retail sale policy.

Business models prior to retail sale will also submit their books and they and their employees will also receive the taxation and debt jubilee benefits as long as they abide by the non-price increase mandate. Progressive loss of these benefits will be the same as with retail enterprise.

Speculation on commodity markets, especially for systemically important commodities will be tightly regulated. If they do not submit to such regulation new markets that will abide by the new rules will be encouraged to replace them. The era of excessive financialiazation and anti-social speculation will end, and reasonable universally acknowledged ethics will be applied to the economy and money system.

The new government department of Competition, Innovation, Boycotting and The Bully Pulpit will have public news conferences to congratulate those who abide by the the new paradigm rules and to alert the public regarding those enterprises that do not.


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