Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 09/21/2022

Me: It’s amazing to me how much Russian propaganda has been swallowed by so many here. The right is deluded by it and parts of the far left is also so afflicted. A perfect example of a negative and false integration. I don’t like US foreign policy, but I particularly do not like Putin’s foreign policy. Putin is the one who has invaded Ukraine….twice.

You want peace? Provide permanent economic stability by intelligently integrating Monetary Gifting into the present monopolistic Debt Only based system. The unstable nature of the current monetary paradigm is the primary reason why empires have invaded their neighbors after all, because they think stealing their neighbors’ assets will solve their domestic economies which inevitably become overwhelmed by private debt.

D: The problem is that more and more people in western countries see mainly the statements of their media and politicians as “propaganda”. Remember the very low percentage of Americans that trust their media ?

Me: You’re correct….and the majority is correct in thinking that much of what is broadcast is slanted in one way or another. We are afflicted by habitual dualistic thinking. The solution is to demand integrative thinking which is the very process of the highest human mental discipline AKA Wisdom. The current paradigm for inquiry is Science Only. What? Am I opposed to science? Never. But I’m for good, open minded science, the kind of science that has always been the harbinger of scientific breakthrough. Science is wonderful, necessary and delicious…and exists entirely within the mindset of Wisdom. We live in obsessively dualistic and hence way too often intractably dogmatic times. The definition of a problem is thought/idea counter thought/idea. We have become obsessed with problems of opposing orthodoxies that without the integrative intention…will never resolve. The current dominant paradigm of Science Only plays into this problem and the mindset and ethic of Wisdom is the way out of such idiotic contention.

Posted 10/11/2022

Me: Anything that increases business costs is folly. Anyone who refuses to affirm direct cost reduction to the individual while simultaneously hugely increasing the demand for virtually every enterprise’s goods and services and hence their profitability may be the most erdudite person on the planet but is equally a fool.

Libertarians want deflation. Wonderful! Now all they have to do is find a way to make it not just painless, but pleasurably profitable!!!!!

And that is accomplished by a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale. 

Look at it. Keep looking at it. Aaah! Keep looking. And if you’re an individual or a businessman begin to smile.


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