Posted To Ann Pettifor’s Substack Newsletter 08/16/2022

We need to become systems philosophers because 1) an idea whose time has come cannot be effectively resisted and 2) disaster is at 12 and we are at 11.9.

What is the concept we need to recognize and act with? The following are all aspects of that concept:

Personal freedom and systemic free flowingness,

Free gifting as in debt jubilee (practiced routinely by the ancients until Rome),

Monetary Gifting as in UBI,

Monetary Gifting as in fiscal deficits to government contractors (MMT),

Competition within an eco-social ethical set of rules as opposed to the plodding solely self interested dominance and parasitism of monopoly (especially regarding the paradigm for the creation and distribution of money)

Integration and the integrative mindset toward…everything, AKA Wisdom, which could combine the efforts of the various leading monetary and economic reform movements (all of which philosophically align with the concept under discussion) into an integrated paradigmatic whole

All of the above are aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace.

In a monetary economy like we have, money DOES make the world go ’round. It’s the perfect temporal universe tool for doingness…and the new paradigm concept of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace As in Gifting will (finally) enable us to accomplish the general good with it…if we recognize and act upon the temporal and ethical power of the natural philosophical concept of grace…which has always been the concept behind all human social, psychological and temporal/technological progress.


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