Why My Book Is Titled Wisdomics-Gracenomics

Because Its Economic Wisdom, because it is the very expression of the natural philosophical concept of grace…in the economic system.

Ok, what is Wisdom? Wisdom is the integrative mental process itself, and so the means of garnering wisdom on any discipline, science or situation. Thoroughly integrate what are seemingly unresolvable opposites into a thirdness greater oneness and you have accomplished a wisdom insight. A wisdom insight is the realization of an operant factor and where, how and when it resolves a problematic duality. Wisdom insights are deep simplicities because they resolve problematic dualities. And that’s why my books title begins with the word Wisdomics, because it is about economic wisdom, economic integration of problematic dualities.

New paradigms/paradigm concepts are the quintessential integrative phenomena because they always resolve problematic dualities and point the way toward thirdnesses greater onenesses. That, by definition, also makes them wisdom insights.

Okay, what is the natural philosophical concept of grace? It is the most integrative concept/experience that homo sapiens can have. The definition of grace is: love in action, toward oneself, toward others, in human systems and (if you’re going to be wise and thoroughgoing about it) in your conscious perception of everything in every moment of one’s life.

Grace/graciousness is the concept/experience behind every human progressive moment including moments of paradigm change/mega-paradigm change. This is because grace is the natural state of…the cosmos. Yes, it’s that panglossian…except it’s also trinitarian, that is it includes all opposites (and your unconscious or conscious ability to choose them) entirely integrated to the point of thirdness greater oneness. The natural state of the temporal universe is grace and your nascent ability to experience each moment of it and whatever is momentarily in it, is what has always been known as the ecstatic experience of god.

Mega-paradigm changes, of which there have probably only been two previous occurences, are direct, universally experienced and continuous expressions of grace/graciousness that not only effect paradigm change in a specific system, body of knowledge and/or area of human endeavor, but they also have beneficial “knock on” effects in other such areas that are apparently unrelated.

The above is why I used the term Gracenomics in the title of my book. Because it is the way to implement a direct, universally experienced and continuous expression of an aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace (Monetary Gifting) in the economy.

In other words because it is potentially the next mega-paradigm change in human history.


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