Post To Matt Taibbi on Scheer Post

Your outrage at the dishonesty and greed of the Banks is well taken. The truth is these problems will continue until we have a change in the monetary paradigm. All of the current leading reforms circle around money and finance. UBI, MMT, Ellen Brown’s Public Banking, Keen’s Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis, Hudson’s Financial Parasitism and Rentier Domination, Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years come to mind. We do live in FINANCE capitalism after all. But let us not get caught up in the dualism that finance would love for us to puzzle in for another 5000 years. The problem is NOT capitalism vs socialism. It is THE MONETARY PARADIGM, that is the entire pattern of money and finance, and the current paradigm for the creation and distribution of money is DEBT ONLY, ONLY as in a monopolistic paradigm. All monopolies are problematic because they ignore Acton’s dictum that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So what is the new monetary paradigm concept, that applied and strategically integrated into the debt based system, accomplishes all of the above well intentioned reforms and permanently changes the entire pattern of money? Well, paradigms historically have always been in complete conceptual and temporal universe reality opposition to the current paradigm (the Copernican Cosmological paradigm was the change from Geo-centrism to Helio-centrism, and the original human species mega-paradigm change was from Mere Struggle For Survival to Self Awareness and Hence the rational consideration of Morality AKA Ethics). So the opposite of Debt ONLY, Debt as in burden to repay, is MONETARY GIFTING.

What is UBI? It’s monetary gifting. MMT’s fiscal deficits? Monetary gifting to government contractors.

Public Banking? It’s a reform that saves economic agents money, i.e. a monetary gift of costs.

Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis? Empires have always invaded their neighbors to steal their assets in the (vain) hope that it will stabilize their debt burdened domestic economies. So stop the inevitable debt build up with monetary gifting and end the human civilization long geo-strategic habit of invasion and theft of assets.

As Graeber showed us no matter whether the monetary paradigm was wielded by the Palace/Government or the Private Banks as now money and finance was always created and distributed ONLY as Debt. Even the smarter than us ancients who utilized occasional debt jubilees to reset their economies and social contracts merely palliated the 5000 year old paradigm of Debt Only…because the debt always came back and overwhelmed economies. Change it forever by integrating debt jubilee/monetary gifting directly and continuously into the economic process.

Hudson’s financial parasitism is enlightened. Why? Because when you look at the entire economic/actually productive process you see that Finance is always either post retail sale (which violates the ideas of consumption as ownership and the idea that retail is the terminal summing point for all costs including profit for all legitimate business models, except Finance of course…but where and what is the problem?) or pre-production (which violates the additional cost mandate above) and so it exposes the business model of Finance as a wholly exterior parasite to the otherwise legitimate economic process.

You can read up on the latest edition of the policy program of the new monetary paradigm here:


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