Posted To Mish Talk 06/021/2022

Me: The problem with gas rebate cards is not that it’s the wrong thing to do it’s that its just another palliative and not a universally beneficial economic gift to both consumer and enterprise…in other words a PARADIGM/ENTIRE PATTERN CHANGE in the money system and economy…like my 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale is. If you’re not smart enough to do the math and see how that single policy doubles everyone’s purchasing power, doubles the available demand for every enterprise’s goods and services AND macro-economically ends inflation forever…then you must have flunked 6th grade math. Wake up you deflationista libertarian economists and learn to think a new thought instead of simply bitching in an orthodox way. Sheesh!

Sebmurray: The problem with the tax holiday is that what happens if the price still keeps going up? At some point the holiday ends, and consumers are slapped with a massive increase. That’s what happened where I live.

Guess they’ll just have to stick to fighting inflation with more inflation

Me: Our taxes DO NOT ACTUALLY FUND OUR GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. They are rubbished as soon as they reach the IRS. We are monetarily sovereign and create all of our money out of thin air. If we had the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and didn’t tax anyone or any business we’d still be able to fund every government program and also have beneficial price and asset deflation. Taxation IS a legitimate right of government when it is utilized to guarantee compliance with the government’s rational goals which means its only 95% theft. Tax relief is just another aspect of the new monetary paradigm. Do the math so you actually understand the money system and how a new monetary paradigm would change the entire economic PATTERN. Also, stop making a fetish out of free market theory. Free market theorists have mistaken freedom for chaos. There is only freedom amongst known barriers in the temporal universe. That’s why you can’t walk into a theater and yell “Fire!” What we need is economic FREE FLOWINGNESS. That’s what a 50% Discount/Rebate policy does by providing beneficial macro-economic deflation and universal monetary abundance


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