Characteristics of Wisdom Applied

Wisdom insights are always deep simplicities that effect deep problem resolutions, deep personal and/or ethical changes, complete integrations that result in thirdnesses greater onenesses.

They do this by identifying the operant aspects of any duality/problem and finding ways to mentally and/or temporally integrate any truths on either side of that duality/problem.

Wisdom is learned, but most efficaciously experienced. The present moment is the fastest way to experience wisdom and all of the world’s major wisdom traditions attest to this fact.

The reason the present moment is so powerful is that god can only be entirely experienced in the present moment because the ecstatic experience of god is the thorough integration of one’s self awareness and, nascently, the electro-megnetic flux that most elementally characterizes the present reality. This integration is heightened consciousness itself.

Religions can be wonderful vehicles, but terrible side tracks. One of the most important aspects/understandings of wisdom is mental non-attachment/process because this understanding instructs one to abandon the abstractions of religion (mental non-attachment) so as to better become aware of the moment to moment (process) integrative experience of self and the other.


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