Post To Mish Shedlocks Blog 05/16/2022 on Unconscious Acculturation and the New Paradigm Policy

The acculturation process of one’s own culture is largely unconscious itself because the west is not a contemplative society. Thus the ideas behind all of our culture are not contemplated but just accepted. This is everywhere a problem actually. Paradigms are single concepts (helio-centrism, agriculture, science etc.) that describe the operant factor(s) of an entire pattern. The paradigm for the creation and distribution of money, Debt Only, has not changed for the entire length of human civilization. Thus it is that long unconsciously acculturated. The only designation marks it as a monopoly concept. All monopolies are problematic. All reform movements (MMT, UBI, government deficits, Public Banking) dance around and are conceptually aligned with the new monetary paradigm of Gifting but they lack a policy that is the very expression of the new paradigm and that is placed at a specifically powerful point in the economic process that mathermatically, empirically, universally and continuously makes the new paradigm concept a temporal universe reality. That policy and specific point is the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale.


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