Grace: The Trinity of Blessing and Being Blessed…Continually. In Other words the Dynamic State of Continual Integration of a Duality to the Point of a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process

Grace/graciousness IS the lesson of Life and Living. It’s what Aquinas discovered when he said: “All that I have written is but straw compared to what has now been revealed to me.” It’s the ulfillment of the law. It’s the ever loving joyous moment, the total and actual expression of the Hegelian Dialectic i.e. The Cosmic Code, what we all knew as babes and what we can have again, if we incorporate the adult abstract existence we moderns have come to generally call our consciousness, into this larger unitary experiential mindset.

And any arbitrary, pre-conceived supernatural hoops to jump through in order to attain this state are optional or to be thought of as guideposts not achievements. Do not grasp, simply touch and untouch, look and unlook, reach and withdraw…continually.


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