Money and Accounting: Two of the Greatest Human Inventions and Keys to Understanding the Fact of the New Monetary Paradigm and Its Effects

Money DOES make the world go ’round, and its new paradigm (Monetary Grace As In Gifting) makes it accomplish The Good.

Accounting is probably the most temporal universe grounded and effecting discipline humanity has ever invented, and paired with the monetary paradigm is the key to power on the same plane. In other words with the current monetary paradigm of Debt Only if you take out a loan and can’t pay it you ARE going to be moved one way or another. Conversely, if a bank loans too much money to an individual or corporation its an effecting problem for the bank, and as we saw in 2008 if a system creates too much debt service that system in its entirety is “in deep doo-doo”. And all of this is monitored (and potentially paradigmatically resolved) by the basic accounting actions of equal and reciprocal debits and credits.


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