Reprise To Any and All Well Intentioned Monetary and Economic Reforms

MMT is an excellent reform and accurately describes the private and governmental money creation process within the current paradigm of money. The problem is it does nothing to change the present monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt Only which is the core of the core economic problem, and hence the factor that keeps the problems of the economy in suspension and blunts the beneficial effects of all of the current reforms.

Private banking/money creation is not a legitimate business model because it is always either pre-production for commercial agents or post retail sale for consumers. In other words it is a wholly exterior dominating and parasitical operation that has attached itself to the actual legitimate economic/productive process itself, and any meaningful or permanent change will be thwarted until the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is effectively integrated into the Debt Only based system and replaces it as its operant factor.


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